Fatal Mistakes When Treating Acne

It's easy to make mistakes when overcoming acne face so you make it worse, regardless of any intentions. Here are some common mistakes according to experts. In most cases, a dermatologist can help heal the damage.

- Too soon give up

Skin reactions to acne face medication are very slow. Although acne quickly spreads, it still takes time to heal. Usually, it will take about 6 to 12 weeks. Use the same product for at least 1 month before deciding whether or not the drug you are using is the result. In some cases, your skin may feel irritated within the first few weeks. It is not an infection, it is inflammation. Not infrequently the effective acne medicine actually makes your acne become more severe first before finally improved and lost completely.

- Using too many products at a time

People will usually leave the products they wear if they do not get results within the first few days of usage. Then what happens is, they will replace it with another product, and leave the old product quickly if the results do not appear within a day or two. You may also add the use of other products at one time, so you use multiple acne medications at once. Sometimes it will cause irritation to your skin and even add bad effects. When you treat your own acne, you may accidentally harm your skin. This will make the acne worse, even resembling a pigment, and when heal will leave marks or stains.

- Too much use of scrub or face cleansing

Scrubbing the face with a scrub will actually aggravate acne, as it will grind the protective layer of the skin and cause irritation. Better, gently wipe the face with a non-irritating cleanser, and that contains a balanced pH to reduce inflammation. It is also important to rinse it thoroughly as the traces left behind will be a residue that causes irritation. Acne does not come from dirt. Many people think of washing and scrubbing with scrubs when they have acne, which is not helpful at all.

- Punch acne

Punching, scraping, peeling acne can prolong the healing time and increase the risk of acne leaving marks. Infected materials can be pushed into the skin, resulting in swelling and redness, and ultimately leaving hollow-shaped wounds such as craters. You may be plagued with swollen and ready-to-break acne, so sometimes it may occur to stab and pull out the contents. But this will only make it worse.